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All necessary endpoints, i.e. PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones, need to be protected. This includes related applications and operating systems. Endpoint security is about securing everything that is exchanged with the Internet on a corporate network.


Internet & cloud security

IT security takes on a new meaning as soon as information is transmitted over the Internet or sent via email. The risk of systems, information and data becoming the target of cyber attacks increases. From then on, it also applies to the user and that the user and his data are protected. Because as soon as users enter the World Wide Web, they leave a footprint of their digital identity.


User security

Not knowing what they are doing, even your organization’s users can pose a significant risk. IT departments that are aware of this should approach it very carefully. Whether through an app on a personal smartphone or an update on a laptop, the risk is there. If an email attachment is too large, don’t access your private email address directly. IT must create awareness among users so that every employee in the company pays the utmost attention to the topic of IT security.